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Our Services

  • Rebuilt or restore used crane
  • Crane installation
  • New hose replacement
  • Hydraulic Cranes Repair
  • Crane service & maintenance
  • Crane Rebuilt
  Facilities &
  • Hydraulic Crane Test Bench
  • Crane Diagnostic Tools
  • Hydraulic System Solutions

Sany Palfinger

Service & Repair Life Cycle

  Call or Email
To make an appointment
  Send Your Truck
To Sany Palfinger Service Center
  Photo Capture With Driver
To secure the truck in good condition before & after the services  
Able to enjoy the facilities at our waiting area
Will mail out for approval by service advisor after health check 
  Trained Mechanics
Will proceed the service once quotation approved
  PDI Check
Before hand over to customer
  Make The Call
To customer for collection
  Sany Palfinger Aim for Long Term
Engagement, encouraging customer loyalty & afvocacy word of mouth
Copyright © 2022 by Sany Palfinger. All rights reserved.