SPK 23500
SPK 23500
Knuckle Boom Cranes

Knuckle Boom Cranes

  • Equipped with load holding valves for safe crane operations
  • High speed boom extension and retraction with Return Oil Utilization
  • Optimized lifting performance with the use of high tensile steel and hexagonal boom design
  • Lightweight yet robust construction according to European standards (EN 12999)
  • Optional Overload Protection System and Emergency Stop Button
  • Professional installation solutions with the use of Palsoft programme
  • Suitable for installation on 3-axles trucks
  • High Density (HD) Paint system provides better resale value retention and attractive aesthetics.

SPK 23500 B

SPK 23500
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Technical Specifications
(EN 12999 H1-B3)

Max. Lifting Moment
mt 34.8
Max. Lifting Capacity
kg 8500
Max. Hydraulic Outreach
m 12.1
Slewing Angle
o 400
Slewing Torque
mt 3.8
Stabilizer Spread
mm 600 (RX3)
Fitting Space Required (Std)
mm 975
Width Folded
mm 2500
Operating Pressure
bar 330
Recommended Pump Capacity
l/min 50 - 80
Dead Weight (Std)
kg 3118


SPK 23500
*All dimensions are in mm*


SPK 23500
*All dimensions are in mm*
Side View
SPK 23500
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